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【電子版】I Wanna Sleep in Anime World
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【電子版】I Wanna Sleep in Anime World

¥990 (税込)



A skeletal corpse wearing clothes was buried in the wolf feeding area of Tokyo Zoological Park, and wolves chewed the bones apart. Later, a skeletal corpse wearing clothes was discovered another place.

Detectives were in charge of the two cases. But only the body at another place was  identified.
Patent agent Kinu Hanyu accidentally picked up a pen-shaped voice recorder on the lawn of Yoyogi Park. When Kinu listened to the voice recorder, she found that the conversations of people talked they wanna sleep in anime world.
With her deducion and cooperation of the detectives, Kinu found the places in which the other three corpse was beried.
Masa,Clerge,Phychics,Docter Toomi, Researcher Yuhki,were also involved in the incident.
What is the surprising truth revealed at the end、 and the tragedy that comes at the end?


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