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Towards World-Class Cybersecurity Practice
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Towards World-Class Cybersecurity Practice

¥1,400 (税込)

Shinichi Yokohama Group CISO, NTT


ISBN 978-4-86522-395-8



『サイバーセキュリティ戦記』(リックテレコム 横浜信一著)の英語版

NTT がサイバーセキュリティをどのように強化しているかについての裏話。
世界クラスのサイバーセキュリティ実践を構築するための同社の歩みと継続的な取り組みを共有することで、NTT は、企業が体系的かつ総合的な方法でサイバーセキュリティ実践を構築する方法を示すことを目指しています。
この書籍は、世界的なサイバーレジリエンスの構築に貢献するという NTT のコミットメントの証です。

An inside story of how NTT is enhancing its cybersecurity. By sharing the company’s journey and on-going efforts to build a world-class cybersecurity practice, NTT aims to show-case how corporations can build their cybersecurity practice in a systematic and holistic way.  
The more our society becomes dependent on digital technologies, the more important the role cybersecurity will play for human beings. This publication is NTT’s testimony on its commitment to contribute to global cyber resiliency build-up.

Chapter 1 Governance
Chapter 2 Architecture
Chapter 3 Threat Intelligence
Chapter 4 Research & Development
Chapter 5 Red Team
Chapter 6 Bug Bounty Programs
Chapter 7 Incident Response
Chapter 8 Human Resource Development and Internal Communication
Chapter 9 Global Management
Chapter 10 External Cooperation
Chapter 11 Thought Leadership
Chapter 12 Conclusion: Trust


Shinichi Yokohama Group CISO, NTT

Shinichi Yokohama spent 8 years at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and IndustryーMETI), and another 19 years at McKinsey & Company before joining NTT DATA Group Corporation, where he gained experience in IT management strategy during his 3-year tenure. In 2014, he joined NTT. Since then, he has been leading Japan’s only corporate team specializing in cybersecurity awareness activities, which are separate from commercial pursuits. He actively pursues promotion of public-private partnerships focusing on cybersecurity, primarily in Japan and the U.S., but also in Europe and Southeast Asia. He was a panelist at the February 2015 White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection (Stanford University, California) and at the September 2017 G7 ICT Industry Ministers’Multi-Stakeholder Meeting (Turin, Italy).
The author became NTT’s Group CISO in June 2018, assuming the responsibility for enhancing cybersecurity for the entire organization. He also actively offers advice to domestic and international leaders in industry, government, and academia through participation in events such as the critical infrastructure study group established by the NISC and the Aspen Institute’s Global Cybersecurity Group. Yokohama is also the author of the following books:
The Essence of IT (co-authored, DIAMOND, INC.)
Cybersecurity as Management (co-authored, Nikkei BP Marketing,inc. [sic])
Business Management and Cybersecurity (Nikkei BP Marketing,inc. [sic]).